30 November، 2020

About Us

Life Refurbishment project is one of the projects of the Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for SME development (holding membership No. 7913); and qualified to take advantage of all privileges provided to members of the Establishment holding license issued by the Department of Economic Development, Dubai, number 867461, to practice economic activities, mainly in the field of Refurbishment of digital devices such as computers and accessories, electronic equipment and machinery, repair and maintenance and distribution of the same in collaboration with our partners from the public and private sectors and members of the community to those who are most in need to such devices and services ; inside and outside the United Arab Emirates.

Our Vision

Building the largest system of refurbishment of digital devices, economic and sustainable.

Our Mission

To Improve levels of refurbishment of digital devices in favor of individuals and organizations; according to the latest systems for a circular economy in providing technical maintenance service and treatments , and to promote social responsibility and providing opportunities for globally accredited training , through a sustainable work environment under the supervision of the best technical experts and in partnership and cooperation with the leading actors in our field.

Our Values
  • Philanthropy.
  • Creativity and Innovation.
  • Cooperation and Integration.
  • Teamwork. Conserving digital grace.
About Project

Life Refurbishment (LR); has the honor to launch this vital project and which should be of real interest to promote the concept of circular economy and apply the same on the ground, in the Refurbishment of digital devices to use and benefit from for a longer time after the expiry of the economic life , as the best ways recommended universally by the guidance issued by the United Nations University UNU , the International Telecommunication Union ITU and the International Association for solid waste ISWA that call and aims to promote the management and disposal of electronic waste and treat the same in a manner , to reduce their various risk using the most advanced ways of treatment, which is based on comprehensive , professionalism and sustainability. As we present and launch this project, we are undertaking roles and responsibilities to provide a service to Refurbishment of digital devices adopting and committed to the highest internationally adoptted standards , which are consistent and in harmony with the trends of the United Arab Emirates aimed at finally limiting e-wastes by 2030, it should be noted here that in Life Refurbishment we will employ the highly advance systems and the latest innovative technology based on the expertise of our team which are consistent with best globally recommended scientific practices . Focusing the opportunities and hopes in the future of this vital area, and commit to fulfill the requirements of smart cities, in partnership with individuals, and government, semi-government or private institutions. Hoping these efforts shall all together reflect the principles of dance intellectual community and help promote social responsibility to our partners in favor of the community and the environment, bearing in mind our contribution in creating a better future for generations to come.

Our Potential Partners